Saturday, December 29, 2012

In Other News...

Post-Post Note (as in, pre blog post note)

So I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but was not able to post until today.
Of course, since we're talking about the HRH the royal baby, I must point out that my deepest condolences to everyone harmed by the phone call scandal.


Maybe you hadn't heard this yet (fat chance!), but the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, is pregnant. 

While most people are immersed royal baby fever, I had another idea:

Being the Royal Baby Wouldn't Be That Much Fun All the Time

Being HRH the Royal Baby of Cambridge would seem to be a pretty cool job/lifestyle. But think, for a moment, about your own, well, babyhood? Is that a thing? Anyway  you know how your parents took that gross picture of your while you were eating, and you've got food smeared on every orifice of your body? It usually looks a little like this: 
Everyone knows the actual thoughts of everyone else in the picture:
If you're royal, I assume your version of this time honored picture will look like this: 
Not a whole lot different, right? So, you end up having that same embarrassing picture as everyone else on earth... and then your royal parents text/email/send it via snail-mail it to one of their friends... because they're normal parents after all, and so they see nothing wrong with it. 
But they send the picture to someone they will later learn they can't trust, because this friend ends up at the tabloid's office the next day:
Well, being a tabloid, they'll publish it (don't sue me! that's the point of a tabloid!):
(if you can't read the fancy handwriting at the bottom it says, "The Fateful Magazine Cover")
So, then, everyone in the world can see that awful picture, instead of just a few friends of HRH the baby's parent... 
This means that all HRH the baby's future school mates (among others) wil be able to see it:
This picture haunts the poor "HRH the baby" (really, how else am I supposed to refer to he/she?) and drives it (sorry to the un-human sort of "it", I got tired of going through the whole, "he/she" thing) to almost insanity. It's bad enough when annoying parents send their friends such pictures, but who wants the whole world to see such a thing?!
But as the years go on, everyone forgets the existence of such a picture and "the royal baby" goes on in life (as "the royal adult", I suppose)... and "the royal adult" is able to continue it's life somewhat normally:
As HRH the adult/baby makes its way through its first Official Royal Tour of a Bunch of Countries, everything goes pretty well, and the HRH adult/baby thinks to itself, "everyone must have forgotten that awful picture by now!"
But such things are never true with the royal family:
A young child approaches HRH the adult/baby and asks for an autograph. "Sure!" a happy HRH adult/baby replies (that didn't really flow so well), excited that it has caused such excitement. What HRH the adult/baby fails to realize, is that the paper being signed is a copy of the tabloid with the first official leaked photos of HRH the adult/baby itself (I'm going back to HRH the baby):
Needless to say, as HRH the baby goes to autograph the paper, it becomes infuriated upon seeing the same awful picture, and throws a full on adult fit. Everyone just stands there, awkwardly, and stares, and then HRH the baby understands what has happened and feels really awkward, too.

Aren't we all so glad we're not the royal baby now?

(c) 2012, by A.
All the drawings writing used here are of my own design. Yeah, the frames were supposed to look like old Polaroids, but they don't...
Two notes on my use of tabloid:
A. I misspelled it a lot, "talbloid" is incorrect, "tabloid" is the correct spelling of said word.
B. "Tabloid Today" is no real newspaper/online source, according to my Google search, which is good, because I didn't mean for it to be a real paper, I just needed a fake tabloid name.
Please don't seal my images without my permission, otherwise the plagiarism dinosaur will eat you...

Feel free to leave a comment or reaction below...
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, December 9, 2012

On Smiling

Hey, so I know I haven't posted for a while. First Term Finals are next week (ahhhhhhhhhh) and so I probably won't be able to post in the next week or so. Sorry about that.

Anyway: You know where you're smile for a picture, then someone shows you the picture, and you're all, "AHHH when'd my face turn into such a creeper face?!"
Sorry, I know that the words are pretty hard to read. I think if you click on the picture it will make it bigger. Depending on your web browser and device of course.

More later-

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hey there,
So I may have mentioned this before, but I'm working on a story about "Simone". I don't think it's very good, it's a bit melodramatic, but I'll probably post it anyway :)

Also, I've been scanning a bunch of prints of pictures that I took with my film camera. I use a Pentax k1000 with Kodak 400 Tri-X film. I have no idea about the aperture on any of these photos, much less shutter speed, except for one, which was at 1/1000th of second. You never really forget pictures you take at 1/1000th of second, do you?

Anyway, here's one of my prints:
Not a winner scanning job, I know. But this was one of my first prints, so the print itself isn't that great quality wise. 
I like this print/picture because our teacher gave us an assignment on "light", to interpret into our own artistic expressions. While everyone else was out shooting pictures of the sun hitting stuff, I was doing the same thing, until I walked past this light. I had my first, "I CAN BE DIFFERENT IN PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS!" moment and shot the picture. Also, I have a minor obsession with taking pictures of lamps. More on that later.
That's kinda the whole story there. My guess is small aperture, big shutter speed because this was inside and I was standing 10 feet away. Why I was standing 10 feet away is a story in and of itself, which I would explain now, but I think I might write a story about it.

By the way, to any of you fellow high-schoolers reading this, I presume you have finals in the next 3 weeks and I wish you luck. Seriously.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Summer Bucket List (the fun one)

I sort of hate the high school workload (I'm sure you totally didn't pick that up from a load of earlier posts) and while avoiding life I decided to go back through all the drafts I wrote this summer (or early Feb. -- take your pick).


I hate how when ever I go to look up fun things to do over the summer the projects are always extremely complicated, requite me investing a lot of money into the project, or they are crafts for eight year olds.
Yes, a lot of items on this list are quite stupid. That's part of the joy of it. This is to waste time isn't it ;)
So this: right here: is: THE DO-ABLE SUMMER BUCKET LIST!
(and yes, I have been coming up with this when ever I get an idea anytime during the year! be warned!)

  1. Get white nail polish and clear topcoat
  2. Using supplies from #1 make newsprint nails! This blog post will help you with that: (okay now I can't find the stupid link 3 months later...)
  3. Paint each toe nail a different color (incredibly time consuming once you start!)
  4. Cover a water bottle in random bumper stickers or draw on it with sharpie
  5. Decorate the case of something in random sharpie designs (like a phone case)
  6. Take a magazine and sharpie all of the faces of the celebrities. Mustaches are a personal favorite... 
  7. Write a comment on this blog! (yes, I'm a bit stuck for ideas!)
  8. Go for a walk and take a bunch of random pictures then print them out and hide them some where and plan to come across them a few months later. (Yes, I did literally just right this one as we speak)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I Wasn't Here Yesterday

So, at about 9:35 yesterday I woke up (it was an off day, but usually I'd be up @ 7 sharp)... and realized I had roughly 20 minutes to make my lunch, get dressed, and walk to camp. Wonderful 20 minutes I had there.
So then camp ended around 2:30, but it was a late day because it was the last day, so we had this stupid gallery thing where the parents are supposed to come (My mom: "Oh! I'd love to go!" me: "It's going to be like 20 minutes of people standing around making awkward small talk," my mom: "I'll be there for a few minutes!" me: "Cool. Thanks," *that's why I love parents* )
So, then we were supposed to show our guests an example of what we were working on, once we got back to the studio *this is a metalsmith-ing/jewelry camp by the way* so I just finished up a few rings I was working on and walked home. Which was really hot, as we have to wear jeans to camp, for fear that we will drop a saw blade on our legs... *in a room WITHOUT AC*
Then I went to go babysit, and the kids were kind of bored and really excited at the same time *now, really, how does that work?* because they didn't want to do anything unless they found something that (ignoring all my "great" suggestions) could possibly endanger their young lives... or the family's TV *either way*... but they'e really great kids! And, I thought it was cool that they wanted to watch the opening ceremonies *of the olympics* with me... I remember thinking that was so cool at their age * AND I STILL DO*
**that will be a later post**
So then I came home (around 11ish) and thought, "Oh, I should really write a blog post!" but, I decided to go eat some random stuff out of our fridge while trying to pay attention to the the opening ceremonies... but I was kind of tired by that point. And somehow I fell asleep on our couch... then I headed up to my room and eventually fell asleep... after making another trip downstairs to eat some rice and watch a few more minutes of the Olympics.
And then I woke up today and watched more Olympics... USA-USA-USA-USA-USA!
And, now, here I am... about to go babysitting again...

This was about why I wasn't here yesterday...

So I told you I was attending a jewelry camp... which was pretty cool. I don't know jack about jewelry, well, I've made some of my own earrings and such, which is fun... but I don't know anything about piercing etc.

Which was why this was so much fun. But it was very hot.

Very, very hot.

We were using flaming torches without AC...

And we were wearing jeans...

Okay... you get the point! Here are a few pics of stuff I made. My friend made the cork shape for me... she has this thing about making random shapes out of corks... it's pretty cool.

The main pendant:
 The messed up ring:
 I didn't clean this after it was torched, so it's got an an epic layer:
 Everything together:
 The smaller pendants & the copper rings:
There/talk later :)

Have a great day + thanks for reading this super long post...

the photographer

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Every year my family goes through the drama of planting tomatoes, sunflowers, and zinnias. Usually, it's my job to work with the sunflowers and zinnias, as the tomatoes are a full time job. Seriously.

So, I'm rather proud of my little guys. Just kidding. The sunflowers ARE NOT little. They're giant. By accident I planted one on top of some old charcoal, and now the stalk is as thick as my arm. I do have skinny arms, but the point still remains, they're giant sunflowers! And the head of the same one is roughly the size of my face, though maybe a little smaller... anyways, I'm just rather proud of them :)
You totally figured that out by now...

I thought I'd share a pic: this one is the face of the sunflower
and the next one is of a leaf on the same sunflower. I have dozens more *really, several dozen* and so I'll have to upload some of the zinnias!

Thanks for reading + have a great day!

the photographer

Monday, July 23, 2012

Metal Working Class

Hey, there.
So I'm in a metal working jewelry class. It's pretty cool.
I'll add more pictures later, but for now, this is a picture of when I was making earrings for a charity auction.
It's of the earrings, anyway.
And, if you're looking carefully, you'll note that the date on the calendar is way messed up. It's because I have an old calendar on my desk for covering the wood :)
Hope your having a fab day- more later!

the photographer

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I made pancakes!

Okay, so I'm a really bad cook. I just learned how to make rice, if you can say that, because it was undercooked, and still ended up being burnt to the pan. Skills.
So, I decided to make pancakes... which, ridiculously, is a big step for me...
                                              pancakes baking -->
                                              pancakes on the plate -->
                                              (they aren't well shaped, I know)
                                              and finally, on my plate, about to be 
                                              eaten -->

And, so, I thought I'd share pictures. Sorry, they're not very good, I was a little more intent on my grumbling stomach...
And, I don't know about you, but I love eating cold pancakes! They're fabulous when I come in from a run and I really can't be bothered to make a bowl of cereal... which in itself doesn't take a whole lot of work. So, I'm not really sure how eating the pancakes is easier...
But they are one of my favorite foods- really. Therefore, I've started making a batch every few days and then snacking on cold pancakes. I figure it has to be better than eating 3 or 4 granola bars/no really.
Have a great day- and make some pancakes!

the photographer

Saturday, April 21, 2012


You have to love them. Actually, you don't. I don't usually like flowers, but I got a big obsessed with these. Yes. You already figured that out. 
xo, the photographer