Sunday, October 23, 2011


One of my favorite places to shoot a picture- an open or closed doorway. Because someone is always coming in or out, and every person has their own story to tell, you can never quite piece together everything that happens in a doorway photo.
This picture was shot by my front door- the quote reads (in case its hard to see in the picture) "Wait for it." The idea is to add to the potential mystery of the doorway by adding another dimension by telling you that something that is going to soon go through that doorway is worth waiting for...
I will add another pic, showing what comes through the doorway, soon...
thanks for reading!
- the photographer

Friday, October 21, 2011

Window Sill

window sills are another favorite place- don't know about you but there are always leaves ending up in my room! I love that windows allow light to come in- its a great place to take a picture with metal because the sun hits the metal in a lovely way...
I love nature but rocks in particular are a wonderful thing!
I have a few mice made of metal that I use often- and they were happy to oblige me another use!
thanks for reading!
- the photographer

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Irony of Photography

Irony is something I take a great deal of joy from- so why not interpret it into photography?
Irony of Photography for me is sticking two things next to/ around each other, where they really should not be. I know this is not the proper description of irony- but it seems right for photography.
In this picture I have a watch next to a bullet casing from a gun. Irony: the bullet takes away time from people's lives and the watch counts people's time. They are two things, that if personified, would hate each other. The bullet wants to take away time and yet the watch wants more of it.
- the photographer

Monday, October 17, 2011

A signature

Signatures are on my top ten list for photography. A signature is simply having a unique object that can be found in various pictures. One of my signatures is this metal pig. I have no idea where it is from but because of its coloration I can add it to almost any photo.
Oh- and if you know of a place that sells sunglasses that would fit the pig let me know! ;)
- the photographer

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

A picture I took yesterday- I am a water person- I love the ocean.
It always makes me laugh when you think of the one thing that is impossible- water being under control. But water is never under control- it's keeping you under control.
Sort of the irony of photography- the one thing that can never happens happens in photography.

Then again, I just like the mix of wood and rocks...

Either way!
the photographer


Hi, I'm the photographer!
I am an amature photographer and this is my blog to share my work.
I love photography because it's unexpected. That is- photography is caputuring everyone and everyone when they least expect it.
So, I hope you enjoy my blog!
Thanks for reading,
The Photographer