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I'm A. I'm in high school.
I like writing, drawing, and photography.
Ahem, I can't really think of anything else to write.

If you have a question you'd like to ask me, you can just comment on this page or shoot me an email-- a.andherphotos@gmail.com
I'll try to answer it to the best of my abilities...

UPDATE: 1/24/13
TWO THINGS: (really, just one thing, but two sounded better)
I was reading a blog today, and I wanted to figure out what camera the author was using. It was impossible. There was no mention of any camera, anywhere, so as a fanatic-photography-freak, I thought I'd write about my equipment.

I have eight cameras (actually, I only know that seven of them work, and four of those seven are film cameras that are worth nothing but probably require me spending a lot of money on film...) (and yes, I've named them all.)

-- James: a 35mm film camera, a Pentax k1000, the most teachable film camera ever made. James runs on film given to me by my school for photography. The k1000 is also a classic camera, and can be sold for a lot (though you can buy it for next to nothing-->) James is pretty rocking, but if you go to buy a k1000, make sure to ask where it was made (Japan, China, Hong Kong) because the Japanese made ones are worth what a collector will ask for, but the others shouldn't cost as much (China and Hong Kong versions were made later and are made of cheaper materials-- James is a China k1000 and still runs great, though). If you think the seller isn't being honest with you-- Google what a Japanese made k1000 should look like (it'll say Pentax Ashai in big letters on the front- where the C/HK versions won't).
-- Charles: my main digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix L-120. Charles is cool. Honestly, he was a birthday present, and is great for what he costs (not a whole lot). Charles is a compact camera (so no changing lenses or manual exposures) with a great zoom.
-- Sir Pentingworth: gahh I always spell that wrong. Anyway, SP was bought at a thrift strore for the right price of $4.99. A Pentax Optio s5z, I mostly carry him around with my film camera to take a picture of what I'm taking a picture of with the film camera (so I can look at the light later when I have my film negatives... SP fits in the palm of my hand, which makes this easy).
-- Caplin (made by Vivitar) and Delila (made by Pentax): basic point-and-shoot cameras. Caplin was my parents before being mine, so he just kind of hangs out. Delila was bought at the same thrift store as SP for the same price-- honestly, I haven't even shot any film with her yet... because I have to get a battery... blehhh
-- Coolpix: Does not like to go by any other name (technically my mom's camera). Made by Nikon, Coolpix is a very basic compact camera. I would know the whole name of Coolpix if my brother wasn't borrowing him... grr
-- Paran: Paran's a boss. Paran is a pinhole camera, made out of paper/cardboard. You put photo paper into a pinhole camera, then you manually expose the paper. It's hard to explain, but Paran does a great job. You can learn more about pinhole cameras here.


UPDATE 2/24/13:
Two things (yes, actually two things this time):
1. My bucket list:
    - get a mini fire breathing dragon
    - enjoy a monday
2. Plastic chickens are cool.

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