Sunday, July 22, 2012

I made pancakes!

Okay, so I'm a really bad cook. I just learned how to make rice, if you can say that, because it was undercooked, and still ended up being burnt to the pan. Skills.
So, I decided to make pancakes... which, ridiculously, is a big step for me...
                                              pancakes baking -->
                                              pancakes on the plate -->
                                              (they aren't well shaped, I know)
                                              and finally, on my plate, about to be 
                                              eaten -->

And, so, I thought I'd share pictures. Sorry, they're not very good, I was a little more intent on my grumbling stomach...
And, I don't know about you, but I love eating cold pancakes! They're fabulous when I come in from a run and I really can't be bothered to make a bowl of cereal... which in itself doesn't take a whole lot of work. So, I'm not really sure how eating the pancakes is easier...
But they are one of my favorite foods- really. Therefore, I've started making a batch every few days and then snacking on cold pancakes. I figure it has to be better than eating 3 or 4 granola bars/no really.
Have a great day- and make some pancakes!

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