Thursday, July 26, 2012


Every year my family goes through the drama of planting tomatoes, sunflowers, and zinnias. Usually, it's my job to work with the sunflowers and zinnias, as the tomatoes are a full time job. Seriously.

So, I'm rather proud of my little guys. Just kidding. The sunflowers ARE NOT little. They're giant. By accident I planted one on top of some old charcoal, and now the stalk is as thick as my arm. I do have skinny arms, but the point still remains, they're giant sunflowers! And the head of the same one is roughly the size of my face, though maybe a little smaller... anyways, I'm just rather proud of them :)
You totally figured that out by now...

I thought I'd share a pic: this one is the face of the sunflower
and the next one is of a leaf on the same sunflower. I have dozens more *really, several dozen* and so I'll have to upload some of the zinnias!

Thanks for reading + have a great day!

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