Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I Wasn't Here Yesterday

So, at about 9:35 yesterday I woke up (it was an off day, but usually I'd be up @ 7 sharp)... and realized I had roughly 20 minutes to make my lunch, get dressed, and walk to camp. Wonderful 20 minutes I had there.
So then camp ended around 2:30, but it was a late day because it was the last day, so we had this stupid gallery thing where the parents are supposed to come (My mom: "Oh! I'd love to go!" me: "It's going to be like 20 minutes of people standing around making awkward small talk," my mom: "I'll be there for a few minutes!" me: "Cool. Thanks," *that's why I love parents* )
So, then we were supposed to show our guests an example of what we were working on, once we got back to the studio *this is a metalsmith-ing/jewelry camp by the way* so I just finished up a few rings I was working on and walked home. Which was really hot, as we have to wear jeans to camp, for fear that we will drop a saw blade on our legs... *in a room WITHOUT AC*
Then I went to go babysit, and the kids were kind of bored and really excited at the same time *now, really, how does that work?* because they didn't want to do anything unless they found something that (ignoring all my "great" suggestions) could possibly endanger their young lives... or the family's TV *either way*... but they'e really great kids! And, I thought it was cool that they wanted to watch the opening ceremonies *of the olympics* with me... I remember thinking that was so cool at their age * AND I STILL DO*
**that will be a later post**
So then I came home (around 11ish) and thought, "Oh, I should really write a blog post!" but, I decided to go eat some random stuff out of our fridge while trying to pay attention to the the opening ceremonies... but I was kind of tired by that point. And somehow I fell asleep on our couch... then I headed up to my room and eventually fell asleep... after making another trip downstairs to eat some rice and watch a few more minutes of the Olympics.
And then I woke up today and watched more Olympics... USA-USA-USA-USA-USA!
And, now, here I am... about to go babysitting again...

This was about why I wasn't here yesterday...

So I told you I was attending a jewelry camp... which was pretty cool. I don't know jack about jewelry, well, I've made some of my own earrings and such, which is fun... but I don't know anything about piercing etc.

Which was why this was so much fun. But it was very hot.

Very, very hot.

We were using flaming torches without AC...

And we were wearing jeans...

Okay... you get the point! Here are a few pics of stuff I made. My friend made the cork shape for me... she has this thing about making random shapes out of corks... it's pretty cool.

The main pendant:
 The messed up ring:
 I didn't clean this after it was torched, so it's got an an epic layer:
 Everything together:
 The smaller pendants & the copper rings:
There/talk later :)

Have a great day + thanks for reading this super long post...

the photographer

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