Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Summer Bucket List (the fun one)

I sort of hate the high school workload (I'm sure you totally didn't pick that up from a load of earlier posts) and while avoiding life I decided to go back through all the drafts I wrote this summer (or early Feb. -- take your pick).


I hate how when ever I go to look up fun things to do over the summer the projects are always extremely complicated, requite me investing a lot of money into the project, or they are crafts for eight year olds.
Yes, a lot of items on this list are quite stupid. That's part of the joy of it. This is to waste time isn't it ;)
So this: right here: is: THE DO-ABLE SUMMER BUCKET LIST!
(and yes, I have been coming up with this when ever I get an idea anytime during the year! be warned!)

  1. Get white nail polish and clear topcoat
  2. Using supplies from #1 make newsprint nails! This blog post will help you with that: (okay now I can't find the stupid link 3 months later...)
  3. Paint each toe nail a different color (incredibly time consuming once you start!)
  4. Cover a water bottle in random bumper stickers or draw on it with sharpie
  5. Decorate the case of something in random sharpie designs (like a phone case)
  6. Take a magazine and sharpie all of the faces of the celebrities. Mustaches are a personal favorite... 
  7. Write a comment on this blog! (yes, I'm a bit stuck for ideas!)
  8. Go for a walk and take a bunch of random pictures then print them out and hide them some where and plan to come across them a few months later. (Yes, I did literally just right this one as we speak)

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